Bear Creek Cemetery - Collin County, Texas

Established 1873

Bear Creek Cemetery Foundation


Bear Creek Cemetery Foundation was officially formed June 26, 2000, for the purpose of caring for the cemetery. In Nov 23, 2001 we were granted 501(C)13 status. We are grateful to the late Judge Dee Brown Walker, who helped us with this process.

The stated mission of the Bear Creek Cemetery Foundation is:

  1. To care for the graves of early settlers of Collin County and their descendants who are buried in the Bear Creek Cemetery, Collin County, Texas.
  2. To preserve and maintain such fences and walkways as may be necessary in such care.
  3. To collect and use such contributions as may be contributed therefore in the care, preservation and maintenance of such graves, walkways and fences.
  4. To use such other means and methods as the trustees of this corporation may from time to time determine to be appropriate for the accomplishment of these purposes.

The foundation meets once a year and would like to improve cleaning efforts, erect a new fence, gates and a sign. Another goal of the foundation is to gradually repair the many broken markers.

The Foundation chose new officers and directors in the Fall of 2004 as follows:

President: JoAnn Brockman Werner
Vice President: Becky Yeager
Secretary/Treasurer: Becky Sander-Cederlof
Earl Price
Bob Sander-Cederlof
Mike Turner
Jim Murray
Betty Brockman Tyler
Tami Brockman Womack


With generous donations of time and money from a number of families and individuals, and generous grants from the Collin County Historical Commission, we have been able to:

Future Projects

We are continuing to work on repairing and leveling more of the damaged stones. We applied (June 2012) to the Collin County Historical Commission for a grant to help fund this project. Update: In July 2012 we were notified that the grant we requested was approved!

We are also attempting to compile a book showing pictures and recording all visible inscriptions for every marked grave.

We are continuing to improve this web site, and hope to add an interactive map.