The Log of “Jason” Glasscock
of His Voyage of Search
for the Golden Fleece

by Wilmer Newton Glasscock

In 1934 my grandfather, Wilmer Glasscock, made a business trip from San Bernardino, California, to Washington, DC. Working for Pioneer Title Insurance & Trust, he was on a mission to secure a loan from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. What he thought would be a three day visit, turned out to take three weeks!

Each day he wrote an account of what he had seen and done, with the end result being 91 typed pages. Several copies were made and bound for family and friends. A copy was given to me over 60 years later, on my 56th birthday. (Wilmer was 56 years when he wrote it. Coincidence?)

I have re-typed the book for these web pages, and added a few pictures, hot-links, and explanatory comments. I hope you find it as fascinating as I do!

Table of Contents
  Apr 22-25, 1934
  Apr 26-28, 1934
  Apr 29, 1934
  Apr 30, 1934
  May 1, 1934
  May 2-3, 1934
  May 4-5, 1934
  May 6, 1934
  May 7, 1934
  May 8-9, 1934
  May 10-11, 1934

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