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If you are using an antiquated email client like Eudora (which I still am using), Digest Viewer is a must-have for comfortably viewing the digest form of certain email discussion groups. Most mailing lists offer two ways to receive letters, normal and digest form. With the normal method, every message sent to the list is forwarded to your email address. This can make your inbox very crowded and hard to sort through. Digest form compiles all the messages that were received in one day into a single text file and sends you that at the end of the day. This is convenient, but very hard to read, since you can't go from message to message easily. This is where Digest Viewer, a program written in RealBasic for the Mac by Matthew Herschberger, comes in. Just open your digest with Digest Viewer, and it will display all the messages much like an email program would. A simple list of all the posts in that digest appears, and you can easily select which one you want at random, instead of scrolling through one huge text file searching for it. All the places where you used to be able to download Digest Viewer seem to have disappeared from the web, so I am providing it here.