Sander-Cederlof Family History

Where did you get that long name...?

    Walker Sander-Cederlof My father was born "Henry Walker Sander". Less than a year later, his father (Henry Kurtz Sander) died. After his father's death Walker was left with his grandparents (Jacob and Ella Sander) in Tennessee. His mother went back to California, hoping to recover her health. She never returned, but she did write a number of letters to the family in Tennessee, many of which are now in my possession. A little over three years after her bereavement she married Weber S. Cederlof. Four years later, in 1921, Jacob and Ella Sander legally adopted Walker as their own son. He was eight years old. (I have an official copy of the adoption papers, dated August 23, 1921.)

    In January 1932 Walker drove out to California with five other boys. Quite an adventure! They claimed that by the time they arrived in Orange, CA, they had only ten cents left. Walker found his mother and her husband and went to live with them in Hollywood. I have a letter he wrote from there to his grandparents, dated Feb 9, 1932. He added "-Cederlof" to the "henry walker sander" letterhead, and signed his name at the end "Walker Sander-Cederlof."

    In 1935, while living in Hawaii, he went to court and had his name legally changed from Sander to Sander-Cederlof.

Jefferson County, Illinois

I am one of many who helped transcribe the 1900 Census for Jefferson County, IL (where one branch of my family thrived during the 19th century). My portion is Grand Prairie Township. It has been posted with some modifications on the Jefferson County website. Here are links to my original version:


Our Ancestors


Surnames: Barbour, Bauman, Cederlof, Heisler, Johnson, Kurtz, Saar, Sander, Walker, Yost

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Surnames: Casey, Cherry, Glasscock,Harris, Jackson, Kennedy, Maxey, Murrell, Musgrove, Penquite, Smith, Tyson

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Surnames: Burk, Hall, Hatcher, Payne, Price, Tatum, Turner, Williamson

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Surnames: Creek, Elliott, Gravitt, Hardin, Horton, Keeton, Martin, Scott, Walker, Whitson, Youngblood

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