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S-C Software products, now free-for-all

  • S-C Macro Assembler (version 3.0, never released).
  • S-C Macro Assembler: version 2.0 manual.
  • S-C DisAssembler: intelligent dis-assembler for 6502 and 65C02 programs.
  • S-C DocuMentor: commented 6502 source for Applesoft BASIC.
  • From October 1980 through May 1988 I published a monthly newsletter called Apple Assembly Line, which focused on assembly language for the Apple ][, //e, //c, and //gs computers. At the peak there were over 1000 subscribers in about 40 countries. All of the issues are online now. You can search them using the search form on the right of this page.

Bear Creek Cemetery in Collin County, Texas

History and status of Bear Creek Cemetery between Copeville and Nevada in Collin County, Texas.

Weight-Loss Point Calculator

Calories: Fat: Fiber: Points:

Decrypt Dreamweaver Password

Hex Encrypted Password: Password:

MediaWiki Extension for Bible References

I wrote an extension for MediaWiki to allow using the Blue Letter Bible Scripture Reference Tagger.
Read all about the extension and see/download the code here.

ActionScript Sudoku

Play Sudoku!!! (I wrote this version entirely in ActionScript 3.)

Truly Miscellaneous

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