What is a real Christian?

A real Christian is one who has realized that he is a sinner and can only be saved by God's grace. It is someone who has accepted Christ's sacrifice on the cross as the payment for his sins and who realizes that he cannot work his way to heaven.

Nobody is perfect. All of us have done something wrong in our lives. We cannot earn heaven by our own works. Earning salvation is like trying to swim from California to Hawaii. Not even the best Olympic swimmer could make the trip.

"Death" refers to spiritual death; the separation of man from God for all eternity. But God gives us a gift: eternal life through Jesus Christ. He does not force it on us; we must choose to accept it. But once we accept it, it is ours. We do not have to pay for it or work for it; it belongs to us forever.

It would be hard enough for one of us to die for a best friend; but while we hated God and did everything against Him, Christ still loved us enough to give His life for us. That is a love that exceeds anything we could imagine.

That is what makes a Christian a Christian. There is nothing you can do yourself; the work has already been done. What you must do is accept it. The Lord wants you to come to Him; won't you do so today?

All verses are taken from the New International Version of the Bible.
Verses should all be read in context.