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Ardipithecus Ramidus Kadabba

Bee Waggle Dance

Belgian Blue Cows

Biased Against Design


Blind Fish

Cranal Capacity

Dating the Earth

Dinasaur Dung

Dinosaur Extinction

Does Bible Teach Flat Earth

Equilibrium Universe

Evolution and Purpose in Life

Exploding Whales

Feathered Dinosaurs

Finely Tuned Earth

Genetic Entropy

Global Flood on Mars

Human from the Start


Information and the Origin of Life

Inverted Retinas

Junk DNA

Laetoli Footprints

Lucy the Knuckle Walker

Made In God’s Image

Mitochondrial Eve

Monkey Madness

Mud and the Flood

Neandertal Man

Nobel Discrimination

Origin of Flight

Origin of Life

Peacock Poppycock

Polystrate Fossils

Quick Granites

Radiocarbon in Diamonds

Sahelanthropus Tchadensis (Toumai)

Sea Spiders


Sickle Cell Anemia

Small Dogs Are Mutants

Surtsey Still Surprises

T Rex Red Blood Cells

The Big Bang

The Cambrian Explosion

The Roswell Incident

Why Nail Biters Don’t Cry

Wollemi Pine

Y Chromosome Abraham

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