Worry: Specific, Vague, Acute, or Chronic
 Makes us: Unhealthy, Less Effective, and Unfruitful
Fear, the result of:
  preoccupation with material things
  lack of knowledge of future
  taking responsibility beyond my sphere of control
  et cetera
 leads to Worry,
 which leads to Failure.
Antidotes: Plan ahead and prepare
 Yield the future to God
 Realize the futility of worry
 Accept God's care and provision
Knowledge, Faith, and Perspective
 lead to TRUST,
 which leads to CONFIDENCE and SUCCESS.
 For though the futures blurry
You do not need to worry,
 I will care for you.
You do not need to hurry
 All your life through.
All your fear and scurry
 Help you not a bit,
For though the future's blurry,
 I’ll take care of it!
 For though the futures blurry

“Worry has killed more people than work ... because more people do it.”

“Worry empties a day of its strength ... but not of its trouble.”

“Worry: trusting MY ability to foresee the future
more than GOD's ability and desire to do what He has promised.”