In a few words...

The wisdom of the man who never reads
Is like the crop where the farmer never seeds.

Hold your head high, throw your chest out,
You’ll soon forget what you worried about.

Stand up straight and put on a smile;
You’ll feel better in a little while.

Do you realize how old I was
when I was your age?

I cannot remember
the last time I forgot anything.

When you get to be as old as I am
you won’t be as young as you used to be.

When my back’s against the wall
I’ve only three ways left to fall.

I want my money’s worth
no matter how much it costs.

I would have done it sooner
if I hadn’t waited until now.

If you think that things are bad now,
just wait until they get worse!

"We deliver promptly
no matter how long it takes." [Dale Ralston]

My song is really popular....
Everyone who has ever liked it has heard it.

"Make up your mind
which side of the fence
you are going to straddle." [Pullet Surprise]

You can’t miss it
unless you go the wrong way

If it’s not one thing
it soon will be.

It is easier to stay ahead
than to just keep up.

Be as tall as you can.

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