Paraphrase of Romans 8:17-39

as though spoken directly by God the Father to me

   You are my child, and therefore as one of my dear children, you are also my heir. Along with my only begotten Son, Jesus, you will inherit infinite glory. You have shared His suffering, dying on the cross and buried with Him, and now I promise you will also share His glory. The temporary suffering you are living through now on earth is nothing at all compared to the eternal glory that is coming.

   Speaking of earth: all that I created is eagerly waiting for the day when all my children will be unveiled. Because when Adam fell I also made the rest of my creation subject to decay and entropy increase, so that all of my creation (everything I created) is now longing, hoping, eagerly waiting for the freedom to come. Just like them, you too are longing for that same release. I know you are eager to be free from all sin and corruption, but just wait -- it will come. Be patient and persevere, even though you cannot see it.

   I hear your deepest longings, even when you cannot put them into words. Clever, cogent words aren't necessary or even helpful -- My Spirit in you knows all your needs and always expresses My Will. And just as I declared that my first creation was good, so I also declare that you, my new creation, are good. And I guarantee that all the circumstances of your life, even all your decisions and deeds, will in the long run be good, and the end result will be very good.

   I know you love me, and I have called you for a reason and purpose. I have always known you, even before I made you; I always planned for you to be like my Son. I called you and you came to me. I also glorified you -- you are my glory, and full of my glory, because my Son lives in you.

   I am for you. No one can effectively accuse or oppose you. After all, I freely gave my most precious Son for you -- so why would you doubt my motives or supply in all that you now need?

   I have made you truly righteous, so no charge made by any enemy can stick. And you do have an Enemy. He will accuse, charge, and condemn you, and try to tear you away from me, but he will never succeed. My son Jesus Christ died for you. Then I raised Him to life, and He is here at my right hand right now interceding for you.

   And you are secure in my love -- nothing can ever separate us! No amount of trouble of any source, even should it result in terrible and painful death, can ever cut you off from my love. In fact, in all these things you will turn out to be victorious over every enemy, because I live in and through you.

   Again I say, NOTHING will ever separate you from my love, which is in my Son, Christ Jesus, your Lord. When you die, no matter the manner, I will be there. While you live, whatever happens, I will be there. When Satan and his minions attack you, I have set their limits, and my love shields you. All creation could turn against you, but you will still stand in my LOVE.