Bear Creek Cemetery - Collin County, Texas

Established 1873

Our Current Project

Repairing, Cleaning, and Leveling Grave Markers

2015 UPDATE: Restoration of 36 more markers was finished in April, 2015! Come to the reception April 19th.

We are pleased that 107 grave markers have already been repaired within the last three or four years.

Most of the grave markers are leveled and repaired, and all have been cleaned at least once. More grave markers still need to be repaired. Many of these markers are out of their bases, laying flat on the ground. In this condition the inscription is fading away along with the memory of the people buried there. Some bases are either missing or broken and need to be replaced. Also, many if not most of the remaining markers are broken into two or more pieces.

We have an estimate from Texas Cemetery Restoration LLC to accomplish this work. This company did a comprehensive survey, documenting with descriptions and pictures of 92 markers. A number of these are now in good condition, thanks to Texas Cemetery Restoration. Here is a sample of a few pages of their proposal. Here is a summary of their quote:

Bear Creek Cemetery
Overall Restoration Quote 2012
Leveling & Footstones$12,745.00

Steel Fence

In 2010 we applied for and received a grant from the Collin County Historical Commission for the purpose of erecting a fence along the east side of the cemetery. With additional donations we were able to put up a very nice steel fence, about 400 feet long.

In 2011 we received another grant from CCHC for extending the fence along the front (east side), and also the full length of the south side. Volunteers did a tremendous amount of work clearing the way for this new fence.

We hope to fence the west and north sides as well, when funds are available.

Marker Repair

We have applied to the Collin County Historical Commission again this year for another grant; if we receive a grant it will pay for a small part of this project.
Update 2013: In July 2012 we were notified that the grant we requested was approved!
Update 2014: We applied for and received another grant in 2013, which paid for half of the repair work done in February, 2014.
Update 2015: We applied for and received another grant in 2014, which paid for half of the repair work done in March and April, 2015.

We plan to do some of the work ourselves, with the help of the local Empire Masonic Lodge #586 and the Boy Scout Troop 1814, also in Nevada. We believe we can level a significant number of markers with help from the Masons, and clean a large number of markers with the help of the Scouts. Please help us if you can.

How can you help?

You are welcome to join us this Fall at the cemetery when we tackle the leveling and cleaning. Please contact us and tell us your interest and how to contact you. Also, please consider:

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